Milestones & Milepebbles

Today, I officially reached a milestone in my business that I thought would take forever to get to.

I started as a coach in Mid July 2015 and didn’t do much sharing. I was just starting out on my journey and I didn’t really feel like I had a story to SHARE yet. I was trying to take everything in and soak up every bit of knowledge that I could, and it was becoming overwhelming. By the end of July, just 2 weeks into my new business venture I was beginning to question if I had made the right choice. Was I REALLY cut out to be a Beachbody coach? Did my friends and family even WANT help getting healthier?

All around me in my team groups I kept seeing people advancing their rank within weeks and even DAYS of becoming a coach. It had been 2 weeks and no one wanted anything to do with it. It got frustrating seeing people being so successful so quickly and I was struggling. I was feeling less than stellar about my abilities as a coach.

I REALLY want to go to Summit 2016 – this crazy amazing get together of Beachbody Coaches from all over who get together and learn from the best, recognize leadership and outstanding coaches, do massive group workouts, bond with their teams and just enjoy a good time together. I know, however, that I may not be able to afford to go (even though compared to OTHER conventions for other professions it’s relatively inexpensive). Needless to say,  I put my name on the waiting list hoping to EARN myself a ticket. I didn’t think it would happen, but I have more faith now that I CAN do it.

I want to help people. I LOVE to help people. I want to get fit. I need to get healthy. I’ve been overweight my entire adult life, and it’s time to get it under control. With motivation and support from my coach, my friends, my family and my teammates I can get to where I want to be. I want to be able to share an amazing success story, I want to BE an amazing success story.



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