Whirlwind weekends and Terrifying Trips to the Dentist

OK, so maybeeee I’m being a little bit dramatic about the dentist. You see, I thought I lost a filling a week ago. I managed, by some miracle, to find a dentist that was “In Network” for me, so I made an appointment for Thursday. I went in on Thursday, filled out all of their paperwork and they brought me in. They took an xray. Guess what…NOT a lost filling. Instead, a piece of my TOOTH HAD CRACKED OFF!!! What?!?! I was freaking out.

I’m not someone who enjoys going for a cleaning at the dentist, let alone anything else. I have “porous” teeth, so I’ve been told, and am prone to cavities. I knew this, and yet I didn’t go to the dentist for FIVE YEARS. 3 of those years it was because I had a DHMO that didn’t have an in-network dentist within 30 miles of me. The other 2 years it was because I severely dislike the dentist. They told me I need a filling too, after I have the root canal.

The terrifying part of all of this? THE COST. Even WITH my insurance, it’s going to cost me over $1,000 for the root canal, filling on the back tooth, and crown. Ouchies.

Back to this tooth. All they could do for me at the dentist was to give me a temporary filling. She said that it would hold me through the weekend, and I was going to Canada so I needed that temporary filling. It got me through the weekend all right, well until lunch on Sunday so I guess not really the entire weekend.

Canada, oh Canada. THAT was interesting. We started our day off leaving 30 minutes later than we had planned to. Luckily I had my Chocolate Vegan Shakeology to help me fuel my day right!! I don’t know what I would have done without it…I suppose eat chips in the car like the Rony and Mike did. The guys took a nap when we got there a family friends house and the we got changed.

The invitation said the dinner was at 5PM so we were planning on getting there for that time. Before we went there went to visit someone else and found out it was actually starting until 6:30, so we hung out awhile longer and went for 6:30. The guest of honor didn’t show up until 8:30!!!!!!!! At this point I was so hungry, that I was practically ready to bag the servers to give me more appetizers. Luckily for us, they did have passed hors d’oeuvres so that held us up for a while. The only problem with all of this is that we were supposed to leave at 9:00 PM to drive back home. It’s a 4 1/2 hour drive back to Nashua.

Rony was supposed to be taking photos there, for the guest of honor and his daughter, as a favor, too. This meant that we were not going to be able to leave at 9 PM. By nine, we had not had any dinner at all. Between 9 PM and 11 PM there were several speeches, a couple of songs, salad, soup, bread, and pasta. At 11 PM we finally decided that it was time to leave, without dinner. So on the way home, we stopped in Stanton VT and we got gas and a few snacks. I ended up with jerky and a Cliff bar. Rony was a trooper and he drove the entire way home while I dozed in the backseat. I don’t know if his brother or his mother slept, but I definitely did!!

The rest of the weekend was just as busy. I had to go and find a dress for my brothers wedding, as I am the maid of honor and only member of his fiancée’s bridal party. My mother and I went to Frugal Fannies in Westwood MA, and I did find a dress that we could work with!

I bought this long gown and my mom will be hemming it short so that I can wear it with the cowboy boots we picked out. Adding this black satin sash will help tight it all together!

AFTER we spent FOREVER trying on different dresses and hemming and hawing over which dress to get, we needed sustenance. We went to Chili’s for lunch and I got a flatbread. When I bit into the flatbread, I felt something break off in my mouth on that SAME TOOTH! It was bugging me all day, so when I got home I looked in the mirror at it and it looked loose so I went to go touch it and another piece broke off! 😦 I went through the next 2 days with a giant chunk of tooth missing.

Rony, myself, my brother, Trina and her son Jayden went the next day up to York, ME to take some engagement photos. The sun was superrrr bright and we had a hard time getting photos where my brother wasn’t squinting so much that he looked like he just had slits for eyes. Luckily I found a lovely spot in the shade to capture a few really awesome photos. We also went to Nubble Light, one of my favorite places, and tried to capture a few photos there without Tim squinting like a maniac.

tim_trina_w_watermark_jf tim_trina_w_watermark_rc

So anyways – back to my horror – the root canal wasn’t that bad. They pumped my mouth so full of lidocaine I wouldn’t have known if someone pierced my nose while I was numbed up. That’s good, though. I’m allergic to novacaine and I need extra lidocaine. It was all over in 45-50 minutes.

I guess it wasn’t SOOOO bad. The doctor was nice and his assistant was nice it was quiet and it smelled good so overall it wasn’t a horrible experience. If you ever need a root canal in or around the Nashua area, I highly recommend Northstar Endodontic Partners!!

PS Sorry for the long blog post. It was a crazy weekend!! I’m just happy that I kept it under 1000 words!!!



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