Food, “Fitness”, Fun, Friends…too many F words

This was such a crazy busy weekend for us in the Fenton/Camille household (like we’ve never had crazy busy weekends before…). This one just happened to be extra special because it was the wedding weekend of Rony’s best friend.

Zach and Rony have been best friends for 17ish years now. When Zach asked Rony to be his best man, we were just hanging out in the living room at Zach’s old apartment. It was so non-nonchalant, like it was just assumed that he would ask him. Rony was honored to be asked to be such a huge part of such an important, unforgettable day.

Clearly these guys were meant to be best friends

As best man, and resident video fanatic, Rony decided he wanted to do something special for Zach and Katie. He wanted to put together a video with their friends and family congratulating them and maybe throwing in some advice. He spent hours nagging and harassing people to send him videos, putting the videos together, editing them down, putting in pictures and finding just the right songs to put with the video. In the end, his hours of labor and love were well worth it. The video came out so well, and they loved it. Take a few minutes to check out the video here:

Zach had some old college friends come from out of town for his wedding and we had a blast getting to know them at dinner at N’awlins in Manchester. Even though the food took 2 hours to get to us (it was apparently a very busy night?), it was delicious and I loved the live jazz. We spent a good 2.5-3 hours there just drinking, chatting, eating, reminiscing, etc. and it was like seeing old friends after a long hiatus. At the wedding the next day, it was more of the same. It’s awesome when your best friends surround themselves with more great friends, because everyone just gets along!


In addition to making that awesome video for the newly married couple, Rony worked hard to ensure that Zach’s bachelor party was amazing, that they were trimmed and lined up since all of the men in the bridal party had beards, and that their day went as smoothly as possible. He even went as far as to lay Zach’s clothes out for him so that he could change quickly before heading off on his honeymoon (purely selfish, I’m sure, as we were exhausted by the end of the night and needed to get his clothes to get them back to the store!). Everyone looked fantastic, the ceremony and reception were beautiful and fun, and the photobooth was surely a hit. The groomsmen and dude of honor made sure to get in on the photobooth action to capture their baronial bridal beards.


Everyone ate, danced and was merry (and married). The dancing part is the “fitness” I referred to. I thought for sure that my knee would be killing me on Monday, but to my surprise I had ZERO pain. I can’t tell you when the last time I fell no pain in my knee was. It was amazing!

Rony led the group in dance
Lookin’ sharp for photos
You can tell how much of a great time they had together.
Photo-op with the gorgeous bride!

Of course Rony and I couldn’t miss out on the photobooth fun!! Clearly the 4th picture is NOT friendly to us, because we weren’t ready AT. ALL. on either of these beauties! (PS Sorry you have to see us kissing Katie & Zach. Rony didn’t want to do it, so I said fine! and I was turning around on the last picture (first strip) and the camera went off…that’s why it’s blurry). Oh, and we were trying to form a heart with our hands on the last photo of the 2nd strip, buttttttt that clearly didn’t work out.



While I didn’t get my normal prep-work done for this coming week, it’s OK. I got my laundry done, I at least got some pancakes made for breakfasts and  got the chicken cooked for taco salads this week. All-in-all it was a great weekend filled with fun, family, friends, laughs, good food, good drink and good times.



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