June 2012 I was at my heaviest weight - 275 lbs June 2015 I'm down just 25 lbs from there, but I feel a lot more confident already!
June 2012 I was at my heaviest weight – 275 lbs
June 2015 I’m down just 25 lbs from there, but I feel a lot more confident already!

I’m almost 30 (eeeek) and I have a goal to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday! So much work to do!

I’ve been on YoYo diets for most of my adult life. I used to think I was fat (when I was in high school), but looking back, I wasn’t fat, I was athletic. The MOMENT I stopped playing on 2-3 teams per season (basketball and softball) I started to gain weight, because I wasn’t replacing my active past with anything.

I continued to gain weight through college, until I looked at the scale in June of 2012 and I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life. 275 pounds! (Ouch, it hurts to put that number out there.) I knew that I had to do something.

I started working out for 1.5-2 hours EVERY DAY. I still wasn’t eating great, though, and although I lost some weight, I didn’t lose as much as I could have. I then jumped in feet first to the Paleo life. I completely cut out almost all carbs (besides sweet potatoes). I lost some weight (around 20 lbs). I took it a step further and I did the Whole30 challenge (which my boyfriend reluctantly joined me in). When Whole30 was done, I swore off Paleo and Whole30 diets because I realized that I just couldn’t cut out ENTIRE food groups for the long term. These were short terms things that I could do, but there was no way that I could maintain.

I “kind of, sort of” dieted over the last year. I was eating OK but definitely not great. I was snacking too much on bad stuff, and not enough on good stuff. I had discounted BeachBody several times when other family members and friends had approached me about it, thinking it was just another “thing” that people were doing that was going to fade out. I kept trying to do my own thing.

One day, about 7 weeks ago, I decided to do the 21 Day Fix. My parents had the containers from their round of 21 Day Fix last year, so I borrowed their containers, their DVDs, their weights…everything. (Thanks mom and dad) I started meal prep the very next day, I mentioned something about it on Facebook, and my coach (and long time family-friend) Amanda messaged me! She added me to a group and from there it’s all history.

I believe so much in the program and all that it teaches, I love helping people, and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring for me, my followers, my friends, my family and everyone else that gets involved!


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